Cuppa Joe's

Cuppa Joe's 1.0.1

Run your own café!

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Wondered what it would be like to be responsible for the success or failure of a retail empire?

Cuppa Joe's offers you the chance to launch your own coffee bar. Will it succeed? Will you become a coffee tycoon with hundreds of locations? Or will inventory mismanagement be your downfall? Find out with Cuppa Joe's.

Choose Locations

Your first step on your way to the entrepreneurial Hall of Fame is to select a location for your new enterprise. In Cuppa Joe's, there are eight types of locations available: university area, financial district, suburban village, book store, technology corridor, strip malls, shopping malls, and Hipsville, the cool part of the city where the young, hip professionals live, work and play.


From upgraded coffeemakers to prepared meals, bakery items to wireless access points, there are several options available to increase demand as well as capacity at your growing cafe.

Order Supplies

You are responsible for keeping your cafes well-stocked. From coffee beans and cups to extras, like drink sleeves, prepared meals, bakery items, merchandise for your gift section, you have plenty to track and keep busy as your empire grows.

Set Prices

Pricing your offerings can be tricky. Charge too much and you'll quickly lose customers. Charge too little and you'll have a harder time turning a profit.


The best way to increase foot traffic into your cafe is through marketing. At the beginning of each month you can choose from a number of advertising and promotional opportunities to boost your sales.

Daily News

In the real world, no business operates in a vacuum, and neither does Cuppa Joe's. Both daily news and weather changes can greatly affect your sales, so be sure to read the Daily Buzz, Cuppa Joe's very own newspaper, each day.

Game Levels

Cuppa Joe's features four levels of gameplay, with varying levels of challenges and difficulties.

See if you have what it takes to become a coffee magnate.

Cuppa Joe's


Cuppa Joe's 1.0.1